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Supporting you in not just making the right decisions for the elderly but also the processes that follow, involving the transition and move-in of your ageing loved one in the new environment to enable easier adjustment.

While choosing the correct care for your ageing loved ones is the primary course of action, the succeeding steps involving the transition of the elderly to new surroundings while having their needs met is the most crucial part of the journey. Families with loads on their hands already, including the emotions and questions they are navigating from friends and extended family members, can wound up with a hampered capacity to simultaneously make decisions, manage the entire process while ensuring no omission of important details.

Our in-depth understanding of elderly living space and the nuances associated with it, shapes our services to be all-inclusive and cover all the aspects, whether it be elderly care services at home, finding a suitable Senior Care Home in Gurgaon, or any other city and helping with the formalities that are a critical part of the process.

To ensure no gaps in the transition procedure, avoiding further addition in difficulties of elderly's adjustment, and transfer of all the relevant information to the carer, we provide a dedicated Transition Manager to support the family deal with all aspects of move-in. Thus our assistance is not just restricted to connecting families with home nursing services in Gurgaon or assisted living homes in other cities, but also to provide logistical aid to families.

Why Choose Senior Care Genie for Senior Care Home

Our support to you in your journey of providing the best care for the elderly is not one-off
but accompanies you in your emotional and transition difficulties.

  • Customized approach

    Customized approach

    We analyze your loved one's care requirements and needs to provide the aptest solutions to you regarding the right elderly care and the following move-in process.

  • Continued Support


    We act as a bridge between the family and the care home’s management for the adequate execution of formalities while facilitating more time for emotional regulation of the individuals involved.

  • Logistics management

    Logistics management

    We accurately manage all the necessary procedures involved in the moving and adjusting process of the elderly from their respective homes to the care home.

  • Handling communications

    Handling communications

    We ensure that there is no communication gap between the carer and families regarding elderly care expectations and preferences.

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Senior Care Genie is your one stop solution to anything in Senior care. From family consultations to senior care at home to transition and providing care at an senior care home, and providing assistance with senior care products, we are the world of Senior Care!

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