A brief guide to understanding dementia behaviours

Caring for elderly with dementia is not an easy task and can become overwhelming for families. While you want to provide the best care and support to them, the lack of proper understanding of the condition, time and the required skills can add to the difficulty . Dementia is a complex disorder and does not […]

Dementia Care: Training focus & approach towards caregivers for empathetic & skilled support

Dementia is a disease that worsens gradually over time and affects the ability of a person to recall and understand daily events like names, dates and places. Dementia is especially common in the elderly and affects the way they communicate. Whether it be at home or a care home, caring for an elderly with dementia […]

Keeping seniors with dementia engaged! Stimulating dementia activities to try with your loved one

Staying active and keeping your elderly engaged is beneficial for both physical and mental health, and therefore it is imperative to engage in some form of activity with elderly.. Certain activities have proved particularly useful for those with dementia, such as games, risk- free household work,  outdoor activities, music and art. One thing that we […]

Spotting early signs of dementia in the elderly

In this busy and fast moving world, how does one ensure optimal care for their elderly loved ones? With so much occupying our time and the lack of proper knowledge, sometimes it can be hard to timely notice the symptoms of various health conditions in the elderly. One such disease is Dementia. Dementia usually occurs […]

Transition to a care home: Tips to make the move stress-free for elderly with dementia.

While we all want our loved ones to age gracefully at home, sometimes it can become difficult to take care of them in the best way possible due to time constraints or lack of proper knowledge & skills. Especially when they have specific health conditions such as dementia. Dementia in elderly is caused due to […]

Are you a Worried NRI? Allow us to be your Advocate and Ensure Right Care for your Parents

If you live abroad and are worried about your parent’s well-being, we are here to help you! We have a wide range of comprehensive planned programs and professionals to ensure the right care and safety of your loved ones at home.  While you’re working hard abroad, your parents need someone to look after them and […]

While we Make your Parents Transition Easier, Transparency is the Key!

Senior Caregivers play a vital role in assisting your parents and elderly ones with their basic requirements, medical needs and providing companionship along with emotional support. While caregivers help you take care of your parents, you need to be transparent with them and provide them with authentic & credible information about the whereabouts of your […]

Trust is a Two-Way Street! Help the Caregiver to Help your Parents

A caregiver’s job is not easy as it requires a lot of patience, expertise, and compassion. Mr Brett H. Lewis once said that “Doctors diagnose, nurses heal, and caregivers make sense of it all”.  On top of taking care of their personal lives, they take care of your parents with love, affection and kindness. Whether […]

Take a Back Seat While We Help You Choose The Right Home

The longer you live, the more beautiful life becomes. We at Senior Care Genie aim to provide your parents with an inclusive and wholesome community, which can be their space of mindfulness. We understand and respect your concern and love towards your parents, and as a part of our social responsibility, we help you with […]

Let’s Help you Remove the Stigmas Attached to Trusting your Care Provider.

Finding a loving and kind care provider for your elderly dear ones can be a difficult job, especially when you’re caught up with daily life hustles. After all, it is not everyone’s cup of tea to understand senior care patiently and lovingly. Every child wishes to provide his parents with a relaxing retirement. However, with […]

Dementia Care Home: Points to keep in mind before making the final decision

Taking care of elderly with dementia at home can be challenging, but most of us don’t want to consider the idea of care homes at first. However, elderly with dementia need continued attention and skilled care, which can be difficult to provide at home in the absence of a trained caregiver. Due to this, specialised […]

10 Ways to Help your Parents Stay Engaged Post Their Retirement

Retirement can become monotonous for people who enjoy working. We all want to stay forever young, don’t we? After our parents retire, they find it hard to keep themselves active and occupied. Without jobs, things can get hard to cope up with as boredom can make them feel a lot older than they want to. […]

Helping you feel assured of the wellbeing of your ageing loved ones.

Amidst the fast pace of life and work commitments, how does one ensure the right care and adequate wellbeing of their ageing loved ones? In a scenario of a hectic job occupying most of your time or a situation where you are living away from home, ensuring that your parents and grandparents needs are being […]

Gaps in at-home elderly care services that Senior Care Genie is filling

There is no denying that with the increasing pace of life and time management challenges, senior care services such as elder care homes and at-home elderly care are becoming a sought after option for ensuring the wellbeing and daily life maintenance of the elderly. However, there still remain many inhibitions and trust issues regarding the […]

Making independent at-home living possible for your ageing loved ones

In the quest to find the best care for the elderly, the most important thing we consider is their overall well-being and improving their capability to live independently. One wants to ensure that their ageing loved ones are equipped with the necessary resources, tools and assistance to enjoy unhindered quality living while also maintaining their […]

Our Home Care Services

Older Care at Home, for example, Senior Care Genie, helps with daily living exercises like washing, toileting, taking care of, strolling and so forth. We at Senior Care Genie go about as a nearby ally to your friends and family and are sympathetic about keeping up great cleanliness, diet, and prescriptions as guided by you […]

Impact of Covid on care homes

While the COVID-19 pandemic has had its repercussions on, for all intents and purposes, all spaces of human life, this emergency has mainly featured the need to answer the everyday difficulties looked by our seniors- especially those in the old age home. Senior Care Genie, an elder care home in Delhi provides care services in […]

A tale of conviction of a man who came to Gurgaon from Kolkata in search of better care for her wife during these tough times.

‘Please help me find a hospital bed for my wife, or else she will not be able to survive. I urgently need to admit her, but I am slowly losing hope with no visible way ahead’. This is the blaring plea for support and help that we woke up to at the quiet hour of […]

How to ensure the right care for the elderly amidst Covid-19

With the Covid-19 wave taking over the world at a tremendous pace, the health of individuals, especially children and the elderly, have been put at great risk, creating uncertainty, fear and a need to stick to the guidelines outlined by the authorities. ‘Prevention is better than cure ‘ never held more relevance than today, with […]

Being an elderly in Covid-19: the epidemic of social isolation & engaging activities to counter it

Amidst the exponential spread of Covid-19 various jarring scenarios have unfolded in front of our eyes, presenting a larger picture of the somewhat broken healthcare system and its inadequacies to cater to the ageing and socio-economically backward section of our society. While the lines were always blurred when it came to the elderly in terms […]

In-home care or care homes: Making the right decisions for meeting the needs of elderly

Finding the time required to care for our elderly loved ones isn’t that easy any more while ensuring unwavering attention and assistance with their medical condition. With these rapidly changing times,

Covid19 Pandemic: A cue for amending the future of Senior Living in India

In India, the senior care services are still at the nascent stages but are forecasted to witness significant growth in the future as health concerns have increased lately, along with the brewing awareness regarding the state of the elderly during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Neglected facet of ageing: emotional and social well being of elderly

Just like any other phase of one’s life requiring emotional support and social interactions, what the elderly also need are compassion, attention, empathy, and dignity. The growing age comes with its own set of challenges presented in the form of declining bodily functions, heightened chances of developing chronic diseases and increased susceptibility to serious mental […]

Initiating Sensitive Conversation Introducing the concept of senior living to your elderly loved one

India is a multicultural and diverse country with wide socioeconomic disparities and a highly heterogeneous population that heightens the complexities of establishing effective healthcare systems, aids, training, and awareness, especially when it comes to the country’s neglected strata- the elderly populace. For ages, India had a prevalent tradition

Importance of seeking help and assistance for the elderly at the right time

It is the family member’s responsibility to seek medical assistance for the elderly as they are often reluctant to get the right help themselves. Increased physical, pathological and neurological problems are prominent in older age that at times necessitates at-home nursing care and GDA support. Identifying the early signs of symptoms in the elderly, getting […]

Lack of emphasis on Mental Health Problems Prominent in elderly

Contrary to common beliefs and knowledge regarding the various facets of ageing, mental health problems in the elderly populace is an issue that is often neglected and has limited awareness regarding it. Unknownst to many, the same ‘old age’ that many commonly associate with a period of peace also presents the issues of development of […]

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