Medical equipment for the elderly

A one-stop solution for medical aids and equipment for the elderly to accompany them in their recovery journey and improve their health outcomes.

Senior Care Genie offers a wide range of medical equipment that cater to the elderly community, including products that can range from mobility aids to condition-specific such as wheelchairs, walkers, air mattresses, ICU beds, suction machines, masks, hand gloves and many more. The products aim at making independent and comfortable living feasible for the elderly while also extending convenience to families in search of equipment like Nebulizer, Bi PAP machine, BP machine, Pulse oximeter that they need for providing the right medical aid for their ageing loved ones.

Our aim is to make the process of accessing the correct support for the relative health condition of the senior citizens in terms of medical equipment hassle-free, convenient, and at one platform while extending the assurance of adherence to the quality standards.

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